‘Good Times’ are to be expected from All Time Low’s ‘Last Young Renegade’

Since my last post about “Last Young Renegade,” All Time Low has released two more singles: “Nice2KnoU” and “Good Times.” With just two days until the release of their seventh album, all signs are pointing to another triumph for the Baltimore-based alternative band.

“Nice2KnoU” was released on May 18. On their official Twitter, the band said, “This song’s a dedication to the people and places that made us who we are today; The ones we owe these stories to. Nice to know you!!”

The video follows the band visiting old venues and locations they used to frequent, leaving behind red roses, the only object with color in these shots. It is clear that this is an important song for the band, but the video also highlights key locations of certain songs that fans can appreciate.

“One last time for old times’ sake, one more bend before we break.”

On May 31, they released “Good Times,” another track centered around nostalgia. “I won’t forget the good times” is repeated throughout this bittersweet song. On Twitter, the band said that this was the first song written for their upcoming album, and it set the tone for everything else.

“Good Times” was released without a music video, but we only have to wait two more days until the other five songs from the album are available. It is crazy to think that we have already listened to half of “Last Young Renegade.” Each single has been great so far; they are self-aware and true to the band, bringing back concepts and sounds we have grown to love.

Fans of All Time Low are bound to love this album. New listeners will be drawn in by the combination of alternative, pop and rock. It is hard to imagine this album being anything other than spectacular.

On June 2, you will be able to check out my review of “Last Young Renegade.” Until then, what do you think of these new singles?


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